Fiber Optic Media Converter HTB-3100


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HTB-3100A/B 25KM 10/100M Single-mode Single-fiber Media Converter

Description :

10/100M SM Single Fiber Converter is the conversion equipment of Ethernet optical-electronic signals between 10/100M UTP interface (TX) and 100M Fiber interface (FX).

The traditional 10/100M Fast Ethernet can be extended to the distance of 90km through Single Optical Fiber link.

The performance and quality of the products are excellent because of adopting latest IC from Taiwan.

It must be used in couples, because the transmitted optical differs from the receive optical in wavelength.

6 Group LED indicated lights could fully monitor the working conditions of Converters.

It is easy for end-users to observe the conditions of network. The Series product with reasonable price is especially designed for network end-users.

Specification :

Fiber optic type : Single mode

Connector type : SC

Transmit Wave length : 1310/1550nm

Transmission distance : 25 Km

Min TX PWR:-9.0 dBm

Max TX PWR:-3 dBm

Sensitivity:-31.0 dBm

Link Budget:22.0 dBm

Package Include:

1x HTB-3100A

1x HTB-3100B

2x Adaptor

1x manual

Informasi Tambahan

Berat 0,36 gram
Dimensi 95 × 70 × 26 cm

A+B, HTB-GS-03 1Gbps, Netlink A+B


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